Complaint filed over removal of handicap parking spots


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Complaint filed over removal of handicap parking spots

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Oct 4, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 4, 2013

SHEBOYGAN - Two handicap parking spots have been removed from Sheboygan City Hall. That's prompted an Alderman to file a discrimination complaint.

Sheboygan Alderman Scott Lewandoske needs a walker and wheelchair to get around after his left foot was amputated last year. He used to park in the handicap spots behind City Hall, close to the building's assisted lift. A few months after that lift broke...

"In August, all of a sudden, they said we couldn't park back there anymore," explains Alderman Scott Lewandoske.

Now, he parks in one of two spots in front of the building. Lewandoske claims it's retaliation by the city administrator for going to the feds first when he had questions about whether the building was up to code.

"In winter you can probably guess the trouble it's going to be getting out on the street when there's ice and snow."

The city administrator hasn't returned our calls for comment. Lewandoske says security was cited as the reason for keeping the alley clear. But he's afraid with only two spots, safety is what's really at stake.

"Since there's two aldermen that need them, that means that anybody that wants to come to a common council meeting on a Monday night will not be able to find a handicap parking spot close by."

The issue will come up before the full council at their meeting Monday night. Lewandoske is hoping they'll reconsider.