Combat veteran seeks pardon from Governor Walker

Combat veteran seeks pardon from Governor Walker

By The Associated Press. CREATED Dec 23, 2013

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- An Iraq War combat veteran is hoping for a pardon from Gov. Scott Walker so he can become a police officer.

But Walker is refusing to budge from his practice of not issuing any pardons.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that Eric Pizer, of Madison, is optimistic to be granted a pardon one day despite Walker's refusal to budge.

The State Journal reported Sunday that the five governors prior to Walker issued more than 800 pardons combined. Walker's spokesman Tom Evenson says the governor's position on not granting pardons has not changed.

Pizer served two years' probation for felony substantial battery after punching a man outside a bar in 2004. That record has prevented Pizer, who spent four years in the Marines, from getting work as a law enforcement officer.