Clay Matthews undergoes thumb surgery, reportedly out for extended time

Clay Matthews undergoes thumb surgery, reportedly out for extended time

By James Kust and Jay Sorgi. CREATED Oct 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 8, 2013

It appears the Green Bay Packers has another injury issue with Clay Matthews after Sunday's 22-9 Packers win over the Detroit Lions.

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer reported Monday night that Matthews has had surgery on the thumb after a reported broken bone.

Glazer reports Matthews could be out longer than a month.

(Click here for more information on a Bennett fracture from the National Institute of Health)

Coach Mike McCarthy addressed it on Monday.

"Clay Matthews' injury situation, he's actually at an appointment.  All the information isn't in," admitted McCarthy.

"There are so many small bones in there.  You're dealing with small ligaments.  You have to get all the information.  It's important for specialists to look at that."

ESPN's Adam Schefter initially reported that Matthews would miss time.

McCarthy explained when the injury happened, during one of Matthews' major second half plays.

"It happened on the sack.  You watch it, you see in the end that he falls on it."

When the idea came up about Matthews playing with a "club" cast, he mentioned that the position he plays and the specifics of the injury will play into a final decision.

"We've had guys who played with clubs.  We've had guys who had season-ending surgery.  It's very definitive to the individual injury."

He couldn't play in much of the Packers' 34-30 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals after a hamstring injury.