City, state leaders work toward ending violence


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City, state leaders work toward ending violence

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Aug 29, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Residents in one Milwaukee neighborhood are fed up with the violence. Just down the street, a man was killed when he tried to chase down a few thieves.

They invited police and other leaders for a walk. At the same time, leaders from Madison met with the Police Chief.

A long time resident and pastor here, Father Henry Galas has been the victim of a crime.

"I wish I could say goodbye to this neighborhood," he explains. "I was held up by a gun once."

He and other community leaders asked police to come and help them silence the violence.

"We are in such a desperate situation. At this point, people are afraid to come to this area," Galas says.

In a symbolic move, they released balloons - one for each person killed in the city this year.

Also Thursday, the Police Chief met with the leader of the State Assembly.

"Are there things the state can do that can thoughtfully compliment what the city is already invested in?" asks Chief Ed Flynn. "Will the state have confidence in us to give us any resources or assistance?"

"I think we had a good discussion on allocating resources," says Assembly Leader Robin Vos. "In the past I have had questions about how the furloughs were being utilized. I think the Chief gave a good explanation today."

As for Father Galas, he prays this is the start of a change for the neighborhood.

"This is a movement, I hope."