Cardinal Dolan supports St. Francis Seminary fundraiser


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Cardinal Dolan supports St. Francis Seminary fundraiser

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Sep 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 6, 2013

MILWAUKEE - It was a homecoming of sorts for Cardinal Timothy Dolan. His eminence appeared Friday night at the annual fundraising dinner at St. Francis Seminary.

"Probably one of the places closest to my heart was here, St. Francis Seminary. So to be back here and to be able to help the future priests means the world," Dolan said.

It was a record crowd for the event. 850 people - including Cardinal James Harvey and Archbishop Jerome Listecki - all there to bolster a commitment to the church and the next generation.

"We encourage every single baptized man and woman to live out their faith genuinely and authentically," said Father Luke Strand. "And that will encourage young people to want to seek the truth."

Setting the example for the future -- founded on faith.

"The secret is to rely on prayer, the support of God's people, and the integrity of their vows. And a place like this sees that that happens," said Dolan.