Burglar picks wrong house


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Burglar picks wrong house

By Shannon SIms. CREATED Dec 12, 2013
FOX LAKE- Todd Nehls was at a meeting in Lake Geneva when he got the call, a burglar was in his house. His son was holding the suspect at gun point.

Nehls showed us the jewelry box the thief rummaged through. Nehls can't understand why the burglar stuck around once he realized he was in the house of Dodge County's former sheriff.

Then he went to the bottom tray to take a watch and a bracelet and that is what he saw. And he had to say to himself oh, I might want to get out of here but he didn't.

Taylor Nehls just happened to stop by his parent's house and caught the thief red handed.

“The second I step on the wood floor and as soon as I heard the noise I put two and two together,” said Taylor Nehls.

Once upstairs, the two came face to face. The unwanted guest crouched behind a recliner. Taylor say once he identified himself as an officer and held him down, he discovered the man had a gun.

“I found a loaded hand gun which I later recognized it to be my father's 380 pistol.”

Minutes later back up arrived.

“The good Lord was shining down on this house yesterday,” said Todd Nehls. “That guy could have taken the gun he possessed, and stole from me, killed my son, left this house and I would have come home later and found my son dead in the house.”

The man arrested is expected to face a judge on Friday.