Brewers fans react to loss of Jean Segura's son


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Brewers fans react to loss of Jean Segura's son

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Jul 12, 2014

 MILWAUKEE - Sympathetic fans say although Jean Segura's missed in the starting lineup, they know his family needs him now more than his fans do. Brewers #9 has taken a flight home to the Dominican Republic after the tragic death of his nine-month-old son, Janniel.

"You know it puts it in perspective. I'm extremely sad and I can't even imagine that," said Gabe Nault, Brewers fan.

Fans were missing him at Saturday's Cardinal's game when the Brewers lost 10-2.

"We have an autographed baseball from Jean Segura and he's my three year old's favorite player," said Anita Gregg, Brewers fan from Fond du Lac.

'I'm sure a lot of guys today have heavy hearts about that," said Chris Dewey, Brewers fan from Edgerton, Wisconsin.

They sure do. Players say they're a family. When one hurts, they all hurt.

"I think everybody certainly in that clubhouse was affected quite a bit with what happened with Siggy," said Ron Roenicke, Brewers' manager.

It's a hard enough time for the Brewers who now have seven losses in a row. But, losing Segura's son takes that to a different level.

"I think last night was the difficult part," said Roenicke.

"We're all praying for Siggy and his family and we all feel for him," said Jimmy Nelson, Brewers' pitcher.

We asked Ryan Braun how difficult was it to come to work today considering Segura's son's death?

His response, "Really difficult, probably the most difficult thing I've experienced as a player. It's just heart breaking. It's one of those things that's obviously more significant and important than baseball is, puts life in perspective for all of us," said Ryan Braun, Brewers' right fielder.

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