Brewers: Braun jersey sales increase

Photo by Karen Eidem

Brewers: Braun jersey sales increase

By Jon Byman. CREATED Jul 26, 2013

MILWAUKEE - When Ryan Braun went down over PED allegations, his merchandise sales went up.  Brewers Chief Operating Officer Rick Schlesinger tells WTMJ that sales of Ryan Braun merchandise have increased this past week over the previous several weeks.

The increase follows Braun's suspension for the rest of the season amid an investigation into performance enhancing drugs.

"For right now, are plans are images, the merchandise all that is going to remain where it is," Schlesinger said.

Schlesinger points out there are still images and merchandise at the stadium with Corey Hart's name.  He hasn't played this season.

"If fans want Ryan Braun merchandise we're going to have it available.  If fans who are angry and don't want anything to do with Ryan, we have a lot of other merchandise for a lot of other players in the store," Schlesinger said.