Racine boy hospitalized after pit bull bite


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Racine boy hospitalized after pit bull bite

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Nov 25, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 25, 2013

RACINE - A playdate takes a terrifying turn when a seven year old is bitten by a pit bull in Racine.

The bite was bad enough it sent the boy to Children's Hospital. The dog is now being held by a vet and the boy’s family says they just want to put the whole thing behind them.

According to the police report,  the boy and his cousin were playing in the front room of a home in Racine when the dog was upset by the noise, and came running in from the kitchen. The dog bit the boy in the forearm down to the bone. The dog also bit the boy's  mother  when she jumped in to pull the dog away.

The woman who answered the door at the house didn't want to be interviewed but said she's the boy's grandmother and the whole thing was an accident.

Christina Chambliss lives next door and was shocked to hear the dog had snapped, but told me there may be an explanation.

"There was just a case where the dog was attacked over here in the alleyway and I also believe she just had puppies after that incident."

Christina says she's always been comfortable letting her kids play with the dog, often stopping by the fence next door to say hi.

It turns out, the dog wasn't licensed and wasn't vaccinated so it's now on a 10 day quarantine order.  In the meantime, those who know the dog are left wondering what exactly went wrong.

"There's just never any telling what the dog is going through."

The boy’s grandmother says he and his mother are going to be fine.