Bango reveals his identity for his fans and reality TV


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Bango reveals his identity for his fans and reality TV

By Lindsey Morone. CREATED Oct 21, 2013

MILWAUKEE - He is like a real life super hero. You've never known his identity, until now. Kevin Vanderkolk is Bango. And he's part of a new show on Hulu called "Behind the Mask".

"In mascot code you don't talk in costume and you don't reveal your identity. Oops," says Vanderkolk.
Vanderkolk has always been a gymnast. And as both Bango and a father of five he's mastered juggling as well.
"My family is my life," Vanderkolk explains.
His wife, Colleen, is a neurologist.
"It's been kind of a whirlwind. A lot of traveling and a lot of bucks games but the kids love it," says Mrs. Bango.
Until now the entire family has lived in secret. The kids were never allowed to say what their dad really did for a living.
"It's basically dad sells tickets for the bucks," says Vanderkolk.
But now with the entire family about to be spotlighted on "Behind the Mask", debuting on Hulu on October 29, the "buck's out of the bag" so to speak. Vanderkolk says it was an extremely difficult decision for him to reveal his career after more than a decade of secrecy. But Vanderkolk believes in the pay off. He says he and his family took part in the reality show so his fans can know how much he cares about his job and making their experience at Bucks' games special. The show also highlights a high school mascot, a college mascot, and one in the semi pros. Each mascot inspired by Vanderkolk in the pros.
"To inspire those people it's humbling. It's been a humbling experience," says Vanderkolk.