Badgers fans flood the streets of Madison


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Badgers fans flood the streets of Madison

By Michele Fiore . CREATED Apr 5, 2014

MADISON - You could feel the energy from the crowd Saturday night. In a word, infectious. The manager of Chasers bar, just off State Street, tells us they began lining early morning.

With temperatures in the 50s, people wanted to party at a bar with an outdoor patio. Fans were already making predictions about how the Badgers will do in their first final four game since the year 2000.

"We're gonna win, we're gonna go to the national championship game. It's gonna be 72-68 Badgers win over Kentucky," said Alex Kay, fan.

We asked Katie Moore, a senior at UW-Madison, what it was like all week, knowing the Badgers were in the Final Four.

"It has been insane. Everybody is so pumped, so excited," said Moore.

Clair Homacek is another UW-Madison student who thinks the Badgers will win. "Yea, I think we can 'cause I keep thinking Kentucky doesn't have this much support at home. Everyone in Madison is coming together," said Homacek.

Last weekend, a crowd of about 10-thousand fans spilled onto State Street, but they were good about the win, only about a dozen citations were issued for minor incidents. UWM police tell us that their department and Madison police planned to make themselves very visible Saturday night, but a UWM police spokesman said he truly believes Badgers have the best fans in the world and he expects them to behave responsibly, win or lose.