Area third graders make get well cards for Aaron Rodgers

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Area third graders make get well cards for Aaron Rodgers

By Jesse Ritka. CREATED Nov 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 7, 2013

PORT WASHINGTON – When Aaron Rodgers walked back onto Lambeau Field Monday night, he was greeted by a standing ovation - but the state’s support of the star quarterback has no boundaries.

“In the first, Aaron was almost to the touchdown thing and then somebody took him down by the collarbone when he was about to throw,” eight-year-old Ryan Marquette explains to TODAY’S TMJ4’s Jesse Ritka.

It’s a hit that still stings Packers Nation, so third grade cheeseheads at Lincoln Elementary School in Port Washington had to do something.

Emma Stumpf and 65 of her classmates broke out their construction paper, scissors, crayons and makers to write get well soon cards to #12: “Dear Aaron Rodgers, I was sad when I heard you got injured.”

Eight-year-old Sydney Garthus shares the same sentiment, “I don't know much about football but I heard you broke your collarbone.  I feel bad, I broke my thumb once and it really hurt!  Will you still be able to play football?”

Now it’s more a question of when he will be able to play again.  Ryan hopes it’s soon, “We need you back really badly because we might lose every single game!”

And while the mini Packers-Backers may think they’re just writing a letter to a Super Bowl champion, there are lessons behind each cut and card.

"In our guidance classes we spend a lot of time talking about character.  This is a great way to show that you care about your community,” guidance teacher and Lincoln School Psychologist Danielle White explains.

Especially when the community and kids like Ryan care so much about Rodgers, “I'm really missing you.  I stayed up all night to watch the game, well I hope you get better. Go Pack Go!”

And even though Sydney is admittedly not the biggest football fan, she knows the power of homemade, heartfelt letter, “I hope my card makes Aaron Rodgers feel good.”

White says there is no doubt Rodgers will feel extremely loved if he does read the kids cards, “He seems like a really down to earth guy so I think he'll really appreciate it and I really foresee him looking through each one.”  All with a hope that since they can’t help with Aaron’s injury, they can at least help lift his spirits.

Jesse Ritka

Jesse Ritka

Jesse Ritka joined TODAY’S TMJ4 and Storm Team 4 in February 2011 as the “Live at Daybreak” weekend meteorologist. Growing up in Prior Lake, Minnesota, Jesse has always been fascinated by storms.