Area soldiers search for missing baby boy


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Area soldiers search for missing baby boy

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Sep 3, 2013

ZION, IL - Five-month-old Joshua Summeries -- murdered. His little body -- somewhere in a massive Zion, IL landfill.

When Racine resident Jamie Stroh heard the story, the Army National Guardsman called some local colleagues, then they got in the car and headed straight to Zion to help search.

Veteran Jamie Stroh told us, "The smell is what hits you first and then your thoughts of ‘My god there's a child that's laying here in this trash.’"

Lt. David Dicker of Muskego joined Jamie on the trip.

"Just endless. You see a mountain of garbage. You think this is never going to end" said Lt. Dicker.

The men were told the boy had been put in a backpack. So they knew what to look for -- whether they were prepared to find it was something else.

Stroh said, "You were hesitant to open up those backpacks. You wanted to find him but there was that thought, do I really want to see what's in this bag?"

But like true soldiers, they fought as hard as they could to accomplish their mission. In the end, they weren't able to find Joshua that day. But they promise it will happen, because the alternative is something too difficult to bear for even the bravest of men.

"I know that we were upset that we couldn't find him to give him a better resting place," said Stroh.

Both men say they'll go back to help search as often as it takes until Joshua is found. His mother’s boyfriend is in custody and has confessed to killing Joshua.