April 7 marks National Beer Day

April 7 marks National Beer Day

By Jodi Becker. CREATED Apr 7, 2014

Monday marks an unofficial holiday with major local connections to the Milwaukee area -- it's National Beer Day!  

As folklore has it, there were lines around breweries overnight as folks waited to score the first suds released after the Cullen-Harrison Act of 1933. It legalized beer again but the rest of prohibition was not overturned until months later.  

Christina Waller with Matty's Bar and Grille in New Berlin said they'll get in on the fun during happy hour today.

"If you buy one beer at the regular price, we'll give you the second one for the prohibition price," she said. "Which is 10 cents."

Matty's will also serve up beer brats. So if this sounds like you, lift your glass or mug today and celebrate our local beer brewing heritage.