Veteran confronts stripper in Dodge County road rage incident


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Veteran confronts stripper in Dodge County road rage incident

By Tom Murray. CREATED Jul 21, 2014

CLYMAN - A veteran is accused of confronting a gentleman's club employee in a road rage clash in Dodge County.  

He says she was driving too fast.  
"I said it would be nice if you would slow down a little bit," 75-year-old Marvin Peterson told TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.  “I tried to do something that I thought was reasonable.”
She says he threatened her life.
“He basically told me that he was going to shoot me," the 29-year-old Milwaukee woman said.  “He was just acting really erratic and driving crazy and following me to work.  He harassed me when I got to work, threatened my life.”
The woman was on her way to her job at a gentleman's club in Clyman.
Both drivers involved called 911.
"This man just tried to run me off the road and then he followed me," the woman said in her 911 call.
“I’ve been threatened," Peterson told the dispatcher.  "I am armed.  I’m going to protect myself.”
In the end, Peterson is the one trouble.  Dodge County Sheriff Patricia Ninmann says Peterson was drunk, armed and driving.  She said he should leave traffic stops to law enforcement.
“You don’t want to take actions unto yourself," Ninmann said.  "Call law enforcement.  Let us do our job.”
Peterson was released shortly after his arrest.  He is facing charges for a first drunk driving offense, armed while intoxicated and disorderly conduct with a firearm enhancer.