Drunk driver destroys home in New Berlin

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Drunk driver destroys home in New Berlin

By Shannon Sims. CREATED Oct 18, 2013

NEW BERLIN - A suspected drunk driver slams into a home, nearly hitting a man inside.

Randall Policht is counting his blessings.

Thursday he was sitting in his living room when a truck plowed through the building in the 20500 block of National Avenue.

“For a second, I thought I was a goner,” Randall said. “It felt like a bomb went off. Glass was everywhere. I flew off the chair and ended on the floor.”

The truck came within feet of hitting Randall’s recliner.

Once he dusted himself off, Randall went to check on the driver to make sure he was OK.

The driver put his thumb up to show he was alright.

Police say the man driving the truck was 44-year-old Krag Gibbs.

When police arrived, Gibbs was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated.

It was his seventh offense.

Plywood now covers up the gaping hole Gibbs left behind.

The damage is so extensive Randall says it will be a while before he can stay in the home.

Shannon Sims

Shannon Sims

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