Documents reveal new details of Potawatomi shooting

Documents reveal new details of Potawatomi shooting

By Jermont Terry. CREATED Jul 16, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 16, 2013

MILWAUKEE - We now know that two people were shot inside the Potawatomi Casino back on June 16.

Six pages of new court documents tell us more about what happened a month ago Tuesday.

Milwaukee Police arrested Gregory Harmon Junior. They said he is the shooter. However, a month later Harmon has not been charged.  Police suspect Harmon was highly intoxicated during the shooting.  

The police search warrant accused Harmon of getting upset when some men tried to talk his girlfriend in front of him. According the warrant, Harmon became upset, a fight started and that’s when he pulled out a semi-automatic handgun with an extended clip of 30 rounds.

The warrant says the 27 year old opened fire.

“If he had a gun or brandished a gun it would be on video,” explained Robert D’Arruda, Harmon’s defense attorney. D’Arruda said MPD has the facts wrong, and that his client denies possessing a gun or ever firing the weapon.

“He was attacked by a group of individuals and those individuals are the ones that brandished the gun that led to the shooting,” said D’Arruda.

The warrant said Harmon starting drinking at the casino’s bar. The warrant said he had “glassy eyes and slurred speech” along with obvious signs of "being impaired by alcohol by having a strong odor of alcohol on his breath."

The warrant goes on to say Harmon was so drunk he couldn’t walk straight. At one point the warrant said Harmon “asked the casino security he could lye (sic) on the floor while he waited for police.”

This shooting is still under investigation by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office. There is no word if police have new leads, suspects or exactly what the casino’s surveillance video shows. D’Arruda argued he has watched that video and you can’t tell who pulled out the gun.

Jermont Terry

Jermont Terry

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