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Man involved in U.S. Bank concealed carry case speaks out

Man involved in U.S. Bank concealed carry case speaks out

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Jul 15, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 15, 2013

MILWAUKEE - A concealed carry controversy inside a Wisconsin bank. A permit holder claims he had no warning he couldn't carry his weapon inside a U.S. Bank.

Zach Cantwell believes U.S. Bank isn't being clear about its policy not to allow weapons on the premises. It’s a policy he found out about only after receiving a letter he equates to bullying. The bank isn't backing down.

Zach Cantwell is a card carrying concealed carry permit holder.

"I carry for my own personal protection," he says.

But when Zach carried a gun into a U.S. Bank branch, he received a letter from corporate security saying "the possession of weapons is prohibited on U.S. bank premises." Zach's complaint is that it wasn't posted on the building.

"You know what, that's fine," says Cantwell. "That's their decision, it's their right. But to me, that just tells me they don't support my right to defend myself."

Legally, the bank can have the policy and not post it; they just have to notify customers. Zach says there's a better way than this. The letter goes on to say "Further action will be taken…" if they learn he "…is in possession of a weapon on U.S. Bank premises."

"A little harrassing," Cantwell says, "but more as a big corporation being a bully."

The letter is signed by someone in the corporate security department, who when we called, said they had no comment. Zach says whatever the banks's reason for their policy, he just wishes he'd known about it before it came to this.

"Don't try and cover it up to not offend some people but open it up to appease other people. Be open about who you are."

Zach says, as a veteran, he thinks U.S. Bank takes great care of the men and women who've served our country with special accounts and offers. That said, he says if they don't change this policy, he's taking his business elsewhere.