Man charged in road rage shootout

Man charged in road rage shootout

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Jul 12, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 12, 2013

MILWAUKEE - A wild shootout between two concealed carry permit holders.  Only one of the men faces charges.

"It's more than unfair, it's absolutely apalling," says Eric Adamany.

Adamany can't believe he's being charged with a crime. He was in his car on the south side two weeks ago when he says two guys he didn't know pulled up and showed a gun.

"Just that fast, a gun shot went off and a bullet flew through my side view mirror into my vehicle," explained Adamany.

That's when the concealed carry permit holder grabbed his own gun.

"I immediately grabbed it and then the suspects took off."

He called 911, then followed the car onto the highway and started shooting back.

"I shot their tires out," he said. "I never shot towards them or towards the bodily person."

When the cars came to a stop, Eric and the other driver, Roy Scott, were arrested. But only Eric is being charged, for endangering Roy's safety.

"Sheriff Clarke said to stand up for ourselves, we're a team," he said. "I was trying to be a team player and provide the information and get law enforcement on scene."

Eric is referring to a controversial public service announcement released by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke earlier this year in which he said, “You could beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back."

Eric claims that's all he was trying to do.

"I was being fired at the whole time," said Adamany. "Me returning fire, maybe that's arguable, but I think this is way out of hand at this point."

Eric says he does regret firing back, but also for calling 911 in the first place.