Couple charged for stealing weapons from U.S. marshal

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Couple charged for stealing weapons from U.S. marshal

By Jaclyn Brandt. CREATED Jun 28, 2013 - UPDATED: Jun 28, 2013

SAUKVILLE - A couple from Ozaukee County faces serious charges after they allegedly stole weapons out of a U.S. marshal's car as it sat in a driveway over night.

The deputy discovered the theft in the morning of June 21 when he went to this car. He found his .308 rifle, a silencer mounted on it, a stun gun, bullet proof vest and police radio all missing.

Saukville Police Chief Jeff Goetz told TODAY'S TMJ4 there was no outward indication that the vehicle was federally owned or belonged to law enforcement.

He wouldn't say whether the deputy's vehicle was locked because of an on-going internal investigation by the local U.S. Marshals office.

TODAY'S TMJ4 wanted to know what the agency's policy is in regard to deputy's weapons and storage of them. The Eastern District of Wisconsin office did not return multiple phone calls.

Clifford Fiene, 23, and his girlfriend, Ann E. Radke, 22, are charged with the theft.

Radke's mother, Amy Smith, helped police connect the dots after the two were arrested in her basement for unrelated charges.

Smith found messages on Fiene's phone regarding the selling of a gun.

A person identified as "Melissa" was asking what kind and caliber of gun and how much Fiene wanted for it, according to a criminal complaint. 

Fiene responded with a price of "two racks or at least a rack and a half", which police believe is a reference to drugs.

"I'm sure it was to sell for drugs, for heroin, because that's all that was important to them, " said Smith, admitting her daughter has had a long time struggle with drugs and alcohol, along with a history with police.
"This was unbelievable, just made me very sick."

Smith believes her daughter and Fiene spotted the deputy's car with the weapons inside a few days before they made their move.

"They saw it out in the the open and they must have just waited for the right time, the right moment to go back," she said. "The car was open.  It was not locked."

Neighbors in the area say the theft of the weapons raises concern.

"I don't know what rules and regulations they live by.  If it was my car, I wouldn't leave it in there," said one man referring to the marshal's gun.