Mother mourns loss of son, Wis. naval diver, who died in Guam

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Mother mourns loss of son, Wis. naval diver, who died in Guam

By Yona Gavino with Jay Sorgi. CREATED Jun 24, 2013

KIEL, Wis. - Robert Dotzler of Kiel, Wisconsin died during a diving operation in Guam. He’d only been in the Navy for a few years.

"I said, you know, I got this feeling that this is going to happen,” shares Robert’s mother Adel Dotzler.

“The person I told this to was kind of startled and said 'Get that out of your head.' He told me not to think like that and said he was sure that wasn’t going to happen."

The Dotzler family shared pictures of him with TODAY'S TMJ4 (which you can see in the media gallery). His mother tells our Yona Gavino she can’t believe he’s really gone.

“We're still waiting for him to call and say, 'I’m sorry, mom, that I had to do that to you.' "

A video in our story (above) shows her emotional last visit with Bobby.

He came from a military family, and even in Guam, he lived a life of service. The family tells me he enjoyed volunteering in Special Olympics there.

“He was just such an amazing, giving guy. It didn't matter if you were his best friend or his worst enemy. If you needed him, he'd be there for you," shares Adel.

“You hope the news isn’t true. You keep going to Facebook looking for a post. You keep going to the phone, hoping for a call, but it's not there."

His mother tells TODAY'S TMJ4 that one consolation is that even in their last phone call, she told him, "I love you."