Repaving work on downtown Milwaukee streets begins Tuesday

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Repaving work on downtown Milwaukee streets begins Tuesday

By Yona Gavino and Jay Sorgi. CREATED Jun 23, 2013 - UPDATED: Jun 24, 2013

MILWAUKEE -- A repaving project will begin downtown Tuesday, despite earlier news it would begin Monday.

Some residents say the construction will be an inconvenience for them.

"I think it's a problem right here because there isn’t any parking,” explains resident Robert Ellis. “If they're tearing up the streets you're going to have to find some place better to park."

The repaving project will be on N. Kilbourn Ave. and N. Jefferson Street, and means the eastbound lanes on East Kilbourn Avenue will be closed.

Resident Tyler Draxler says the roadblocks are an obstacle for him.

"They always are a hassle, especially the areas where the construction is happening directly," explains Draxler.

Another change people will see are no parking signs. Draxler adds that it'll make finding a parking spot even harder.

“When I do drive, it's a little intrusive," says Draxler.

But people will notice improvements like replacing the existing asphalt surface with new pavement. Also, the project includes the addition of new traffic lines, crosswalks, and parking lines. With all the construction, some locals prefer a more convenient mode of transportation downtown. 

"For the most part I like to skateboard around so it's basically a nice little obstacle and a chance for me to take a new path everyday," expresses Draxler.

One exception is that no work will be done close to Cathedral Square on Thursday after 3 p.m. for Jazz in the Park or on Saturday for East Town Farmers Market. Officials state the schedule is weather-dependent and may change depending on if rain slows down work.