Classic car enthusiasts from Iowa caravan through Wisconsin

Henry Dawson with his 1951 Desoto. Image by Jon Byman

Classic car enthusiasts from Iowa caravan through Wisconsin

By Jon Byman. CREATED Jun 23, 2013

JACKSON - "Like most old men, I talk too much."  Luckily, Henry Dawson, who is a young 91, spent some time talking to me as he and his buddies from Iowa were stopped for the night in Jackson.  

He's one of a group of people that calls itself the Lincoln Highway Rediscovery Group.  It's a loose organization of classic car enthusiasts that started taking their restored cars on trips along the Lincoln Highway.  They've done it for decades.

The Lincoln Highway is one of America's first transcontinental highways.  It first opened 100 years ago and connected New York to San Francisco.

While the first trips were all along the Lincoln Highway, more recent trips have branched off it.   

Over the years, the group has traveled all over, taking their classic cars to San Francisco, New York, New Orleans, New Mexico, Washington DC, even Canada.  And there have been stops in many small towns in between.

This year the group is going Door County.  "We have motel reservations for three nights up there.  We have no idea what we're going to do.  But we'll make fun."

The group used to drive really classic cars like Model A's and Model T's.  But, Henry says, "as we get older, we want more comfort.  So we're going to the later models."  That would be cars from the 50s and 60s.

"I happen to be driving a 1951 DeSoto."  Henry restored the car himself.  He has restored several.

"I am now doing a '49 Ford and if I live another year, I'll be driving that."

Henry says the group just likes to have fun.  They're easy to spot.  The cars stick out and all have Iowa plates.