Mother speaks about MPD officer shooting her son


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Mother speaks about MPD officer shooting her son

By Jermont Terry. CREATED Jun 19, 2013

MILWAUKEE - The mother of the robbery suspect Milwaukee Police said was accidentally shot by an officer wants the department to explain exactly how the cop’s gun fired after her son surrendered. 

Sheldon Gainer is awaiting charges, and is still recovering from a gunshot to his thigh. 

It’s an injury Milwaukee Police said came after an officer’s gun accidentally went off. 

“Sheldon was extended on the ground.  His arms were out.  He was giving up.  He was ready to put the handcuffs on when apparently the gun discharged,” explained Carrie Myrick, Gainer’s mother.

Police said Gainer and a second man ditched a stolen car and ran when officers confronted them.  The other man is still on the run.

But while arresting Gainer, a single shot discharged from the gun of a 12-year MPD veteran.

“We would believe he has more control over that gun after serving on the Milwaukee Police Department for 12 years. I don't buy that,” said Myrick.

Gainer, who is 30 years old, has a lengthy criminal record. It dates back to 2001.

His mother does not justify his alleged crime, but she insisted she wants MPD to explain how an accident like this can happen.

“I have never heard of an officer putting a gun in the holster and accidentally shooting his partner. They're shooting the people in the streets, so-called criminals, people who are subdued and in custody,” said Myrick.

Milwaukee Police said the entire shooting is under investigation. Myrick wants to make sure it’s thorough.

“You can't keep on brushing stuff under the rug, saying it's an accident. There are too many 'accidents' in Milwaukee,” said Myrick.

The officer involved is on administrative duty, which is standard procedure.

Jermont Terry

Jermont Terry

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