Teenager hospitalized after lawn mower accident

Teenager hospitalized after lawn mower accident

By Michele Fiore and Yona Gavino. CREATED Jun 15, 2013

TOWN OF RANDALL - A teenager, hit by a car as he mowed the lawn on the edge of a Kenosha County road, remains hospitalized.

Flight for Life rushed the boy to Froedtert Hospital Friday night from the scene near the intersection of 344th Avenue and 116th Street.

Police say the driver of the car was on his way home from work and did stop after the accident.

Neighbors say speed has been a concern in the area for some time.

“I don't think it's safe anymore,” explains neighbor Sharon Burks. “I was telling you earlier, they come down the road, and I don't know how fast they're going, but they're really clipping along."

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