Walker administration withdraws nominee who signed recall petition

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Walker administration withdraws nominee who signed recall petition

By Jon Byman and Charles Benson. CREATED Jun 13, 2013 - UPDATED: Jun 13, 2013

MADISON - Governor Walker's office confirms it is withdrawing the name of a candidate it just nominated this week to the UW-Board of Regents.

The story was first reported by the website Right Wisconsin.  Josh Inglett's name is being withdrawn after the administration learned from a Right Wisconsin report that Inglett had signed a recall petition against the Governor and had not been forthcoming about it.

Is it political playback? Democrats think so, but some Republicans say the student should have been more forthcoming. What's the student saying?

"I was never asked whether I had signed a petition at all," said Joshua Inglett.

When Governor Walker appointed the UW-Platteville student to the high profile UW Board of Regents, he called Inglett a traditional student.

Turns out, like a lot of students, Inglett signed the petition in 2011 to recall Gov. Walker from office. He says he signed it to support his mother, who is an elementary substitute teacher.

But Inglett TODAY'S TMJ4 Reporter Charles Benson it never came up during the four-month vetting process.

Inglett says he never ended up voting in the recall.

Right Wisconsin was told Inglett was dropped because he wasn't forthcoming. But Governor Walker wouldn't tell reporters why Inglett was dropped.

"We've got plenty of other good candidates and we're not going to get into specifics about it," said Walker. "We made a decision in our office to withdraw the nomination and we'll be submitting another student to be one of the regents."

Inglett says he's upset and confused and feels his character has been attacked and he still wants to be on the board.

"To say that I was not truthful is inaccurate."

Inglett believes he can be an asset to the regents. He's hoping the Walker administration will reconsider and senators from both sides of the aisle are advocating on his behalf.

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