Feds won't pursue charges in Derek Williams case

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Feds won't pursue charges in Derek Williams case

By Lacey Crisp and the Associated Press. CREATED May 28, 2013 - UPDATED: May 28, 2013

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Federal agents have closed their investigation and no federal civil rights charges will be filed in the case of a Milwaukee man who died while gasping for air in the back of a police car.

Twenty-two-year-old robbery suspect Derek Williams was arrested in July 2011 after running about a block and a half. His last breaths were captured on squad car video.

The U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement Tuesday that FBI agents who looked into the case found no medical evidence to support reports that police used excessive force with Williams or knowingly ignored his medical condition.

"My son did not deserve that at all," said Williams' mother, Sonya Moore.

Derek Williams' family is outraged that no officers will face federal charges because of Williams' death.

"The federal government said if you're black and if you die in a squad car, we'll blame it on a disease," said Williams' family attorney Robin Shellow.

Hoping for federal charges, Williams' mother argues her fight is not over.

"I'm a strong person and I'm not going to stop until I get justice. This is not justice," Moore said.

The Justice Department says the squad car video does not show what police saw that night and officers provided medical care when they realized it was needed.