Air Soft guns cause brief scare and lock down at Mayville schools


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Air Soft guns cause brief scare and lock down at Mayville schools

By Charles Benson. CREATED May 22, 2013 - UPDATED: May 22, 2013

MAYVILLE - There was panic in Dodge County Wednesday after two schools were locked down.

It all started with a call to a 911 operator: “What’s the location of the emergency?”

“Mayville,” said the caller, “and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them pull a shotgun out of the trunk.“

The call sent law enforcement scrambling and left Carrie Helmrick worrying about her middle and high school kids.

“When you see the SWAT team pulls up in full gear, knowing that your children are not by you?” she said.

Ninety minutes later police found two guys with air soft guns. One did look like a shot gun, the other three were fake pistols but they caused a real panic.

“We took the appropriate action,” said Mayville Police Chief Christopher MacNeill. “When you see a weapon and you think it’s a weapon – you treated as a weapon.”

But Helmrick feels the school district released middle school students without first telling parents the treat was over.

“I found her walking on the sidewalk,” she said.

School officials say multiple calls where made to parents updating them on the lock down.

“At the middle school, the students were released in an orderly fashion after they gathered in the gymnasium," said Mayville district administrator Patricia Antony.

Just last month a similar air soft gun scare locked down Carroll University in Waukesha. One person was taken into custody but never charged.

City code bans Air Soft guns in Mayville, so the 21-year old released from custody Wednesday could be hit with a ticket.

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