Wisconsin's "tornado alley" is just miles away


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Wisconsin's "tornado alley" is just miles away

By Annie Scholz. CREATED May 22, 2013 - UPDATED: May 22, 2013

STURTEVANT - You might not know Wisconsin has it's own "Tornado Alley". Renee Bauman has seen her share of tornadoes at her home in Sturtevant.

"We had a lot of tree damage," she said. "We lost our power for several days."

Her home was right in the crosshairs of two tornadoes. She was in her basement on Oct. 26, 2010 when a twister touched down.

"I had come upstairs and all of the sudden the whole house popped," Baumann said. "My ears popped and everything and the door popped open and I lost all my power."

And she couldn't believe it because they had just had tornado about a mile away, four months earlier. Two in a row were enough to change the way Renee looks at any severe weather rolling in.

"Oh, it scares me. We're downstairs. We're in the basement immediately. We're taking the dogs. We're downstairs," Bauman remembered.

Thankfully, her home didn't take a direct hit. But seeing what those two tornadoes did back then breaks her heart for what the people of Oklahoma are dealing with now.

"They're so minor compared to what's going on down in Oklahoma," Bauman said. "And the devastation just from those two little ones is crazy."

Sturtevant isn't the only place that's seen more than one twister. An area just south of Pewaukee saw two in 1977, and another one just seven years later.