New details emerge in Lafayette County triple homicide

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New details emerge in Lafayette County triple homicide

By Charles Benson. CREATED May 7, 2013 - UPDATED: May 7, 2013

WIOTA - New information about the man from Waukesha charged with killing three people in Lafayette County.

Investigators say Jaren Kuester used a fireplace poker to kill his three victims.

He was arrested at his father's apartment in Waukesha but neighbors at his Milwaukee apartment remember Jaren as the man who lived upstairs with his dog.

Apartment manager Jose Pacheco read the criminal complaint against Kuester and can't believe it's the same guy who lived in this Lisbon Avenue apartment for about three months.

"It's just really really sad," said Pacheco. "I feel that in a right state of mind he would not have done this."

Kuester is charged with killing Chloe, Gary and Dean Thoreson.

Investigators say Kuester was walking through the woods naked when he broke into Gary and Chloe's home while they were away.

Dean was killed when he went to check on the house. Dean's wife called police when he did not return.

Hours later Gary and Chloe would arrive home from their out of state trip. They knew Dean was missing but they didn't know a killer was in their house.

Both were beaten to death and Chloe was stabbed. Their bodies were found Sunday morning.

Hours later Kuester was arrested at his father's Waukesha apartment. The father claims his son was "in a confused state and also stated that he had hurt three people."

Jaren allegedly told investigators after the murders that his life was "crashing and burning around him."

"I really feel for him and is family and the victims," said Pacheco.

Jaren faces five charges - three of them for murder. His parents are expected to be with him in court on Friday.

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