Man apologizes for causing lockdowns in Waukesha

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Man apologizes for causing lockdowns in Waukesha

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Apr 17, 2013 - UPDATED: Apr 17, 2013

WAUKESHA - A-50-year old man from Waukesha is apologizing for startling students at Carroll University.

Michael Weidemann, who lives less than a mile from campus, tells Today's TMJ4 that he typically looks for "treasures" on garbage day that he can resell. On Tuesday, Weidemann found an airsoft gun in someone's trash can and picked it up, thinking he would sell it for $5 or $10 to a friend.

"I was gonna sell it to him for five or ten bucks so he can have something cool, but it wasn't too cool," said Weidemann.

Weidemann explains that when he returned home after stopping at a gas station for cigarettes, with the gun in his hand, a little later, about 30 squad cars showed up and a police officer handcuffed him.

Weidemann says he fully cooperated with police and said that he didn't mean any harm by his actions, but that he can understand why people might have been concerned, especially since this happened just a day after the Boston bombings.

A friend of Weidemann, who is also his neighbor, says he would never harm anyone.

"I was concerned, I was trying to negotiate with the police officers that I did see, I said he's innocent and he's a good guy," said Tyler Tynefield.

The two play guitar, as a hobby, and Weidemann is a former U.S. Marine.

Asked if he has anything to say to Carroll University students, Weidemann said, "It'll never happen again, it was a dumb mistake on my dumb part and I'll never do it again."


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