Tense standoff on Milwaukee's north side

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Tense standoff on Milwaukee's north side

By Keller Russell. CREATED Apr 6, 2013

MILWAUKEE - A report of shots fired turned into a tense stand-off for Milwaukee Police Saturday afternoon.
A witness gave officers a description of the man who fired the gun. When they found the man believed to match that description, he ignored their order to stop he ran and barricaded himself in the home on the 2800 block of N. 19th Street.

Officers found shell causes and a bullet hole in the side of a home the man allegedly ran from.

The Tactical Enforcement Unit was called and officers surrounded the home with their guns drawn.

Using a bullhorn they made repeated demands for a man named Marcus to come out.

"Telling him to come out, surrender with your hands up. No one is going to get hurt," explained Juanita Williams who watched as it all unfolded across the street.

But the crowd of spectators quickly grew requiring officers to call in more help than the dozens of officers already on the scene.

At one point, the crowd got out of hand, erupting in uproar after police asked news photographers to stop recording, saying the tactical team was preparing to make a move. Several members of the crowd rushed under the police tape line and a large group of officers rushed in to stop them.

As the officers tried to control the crowd, the chaos moved into a nearby main road that wasn't blocked off. The tension between police and the crowd was thick with the crowd yelling profanities at the officers and at times, taunting them.

At one point, we spotted an officer video taping the crowd himself with a hand-held camcorder as they all held up their cell phones recording the scene.

Neighbors admitted the tension was obvious and tell TODAY'S TMJ4 it stems back to the death of Derek Williams who died in the back of a police squad car. A special prosecutor recently decided not to charge the officers involved with any wrong doing.

"You all should expect that coming. Anytime black and the police come, you all should expect hostility because everybody still going to remember that (referring to Williams' case)," said Sapphire Steward who said many people in the neighborhood knew Williams.

The standoff did end peacefully after hours of negotiating with the man to come out. He finally surrendered and is behind bars.

Two members of the crowd were also detained but not arrested and will not be charged, according to police.