Advocate: many with autism 'get very little support'

Advocate: many with autism 'get very little support'

By Erik Bilstad. CREATED Apr 2, 2013

WAUWATOSA - April is World Autism Awareness Month and 'awareness is key' to fighting the disability, according to the head of a local advocacy group.

The Autism Society of SE Wisconsin receives calls with questions every day, according to executive director Emily Levine.

"The calls vary from: a newly diagnosed family, to someone having trouble at school, to an adult wondering if they have autism and were never diagnosed," Levine explained.  

Awareness is essential as people with autism grow into adulthood.

"There are a lot of people with autism who get very little support," Levine said.  "They need money for things like shampoo, deodorant and socks. We chip in (with other agencies) to make sure that adults with autism (are taken care of)."