Mother of daughter hit by car is looking for more safety on the roads

Mother of daughter hit by car is looking for more safety on the roads

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Mar 28, 2013

PORT WASHINGTON - Police found the driver responsible for a hit-and-run accident involving a 15-year-old girl in Port Washington.

After the story aired, police got a tip on a suspect and it panned out. Now, that driver is being held accountable and the victim's mother is grateful something is being done to try to prevent what happened to her child from happening to anyone else's.

Chris Fullington's phone rang early Thursday morning with news that the driver who hit her daughter the day before, had been found.

"I was just relieved and happy that it was over with," she said.

Police said a 36-year-old woman from Greenfield was behind the wheel when she hit Nina Fullington as she tried to cross the street. The driver was given two traffic tickets: one for failing to yield the right of way, the other for not reporting the accident. Fullington said she’s happy with that, because she can understand the situation.

"It happened so fast I'm sure she didn't mean to do what she did," she said.

Now, Fullington's focus is making sure it doesn't happen to anyone else

"I mean, I would love to see a crossing guard there or some kind of yellow flashing light or something to say ‘Hey, there are kids in that area at that time,’" she said.

Police have promised to look into it.

"Because of what occurred, we do plan on doing some surveys down there, monitoring it a little closer," Capt. Mike Keller with the Port Washington Police Department said.

Nina said she's feeling better, and her classmates had plenty of candy waiting for her when she got to class this morning.