Six-month investigation into heroin in the suburbs leads to 10 arrests


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Six-month investigation into heroin in the suburbs leads to 10 arrests

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Mar 18, 2013

PLYMOUTH - A huge drug bust sheds more light on a problem the I-Team has been investigating for years: Heroin in the suburbs.

A six-month investigation involving intense surveillance, undercover informants, and a lot of hard work lead police to a big bust in Sheboygan County. But sadly, it's not the only suburb around here desperately trying to get heroin off the streets.

Authorities arrested 10 people after a six-month investigation lead police to pills, and then to heroin.

"I would say that's pretty big, especially when you consider the primary community of this, which is the city of Plymouth," said Lt. Mike Williams with Sheboygan Police.

Plymouth is a small city of about 8,500 in Sheboygan county.

"Definitely, heroin has become a bigger issue, I'd say in the last year and a half to two years," Williams added.

And Plymouth isn't alone. An I-Team investigation showed in Waukesha county, heroin-related overdoses jumped from 7 in 2008, to 19 in 2012. And Dodge county is now seeing more deaths from heroin than traffic accidents.

"It's the honor roll students like my son was that are taking that risk," said Julie Berg, a parent.

Berg lost her son Tyler to heroin in 2012 when he overdosed after an argument with his girlfriend. He was just 25 years old. Back in Sheboygan, authorities hope with 10 more suspected dealers off the streets, your child won't become a victim, too.

"They are just so messed up and so out of it they can't take care of themselves or anybody else," Williams added.

The Sheboygan investigation isn't over. Police are still gathering information and they want your help with that. Call them if you know anything.