Parents take plea admitting to providing alcohol to teens that later crashed


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Parents take plea admitting to providing alcohol to teens that later crashed

By Charles Benson. CREATED Mar 18, 2013

DELAFIELD - They provided alcohol to minors who ended up in a deadly crash, and Monday agreed to a plea deal.

The parents who hosted a party with their son and provided the beer agreed to pay a $2,700 fine. But the parent of one of three teens killed says that's not even $1,000 per life.

The three 18-year-old friends were killed in a single car crash on a rainy night in Delafield last July. Kody Koepke, Timothy Peters and Ian Glidden were drinking at a beer party before the crash. The driver's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

The mom admitted she had purchased 30-pack of beer for the kids that were there.

Waukesha DA Brad Schimel initially issued 26 citations against Scott and Charlene Wetzel and their son Jason, but he dropped that to six saying the $2700 fine would be a substantial lesson to a family that was going through a foreclosure.

Schimel says state law prevented him from issuing criminal charges. Ian Glidden's mother Deanna said the court systems let her down.

"I think it's criminal. They got a slap on the wrist." She added, "I feel it's a slap in the face for those of us who lost our children."

Schimel says citations were his only option

“I'm offended by that kind of conduct but our legislature has made a determination that if the young, underage person is over age 18, it's a forfeiture,” he explained. “There is no crime available.”

The Wetzel family was not in court today. Their attorney called it fair outcome.


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