Marine who saved woman opens up about rescue


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Marine who saved woman opens up about rescue

By Todd Hicks. CREATED Mar 15, 2013

MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee man who helped rescue a women during an attack is getting a lot of attention. Friday, he received an unexpected thank you from a high profile person.

Charlie Blackmore, Jr. tells me he didn't think twice about stopping an attack on this street Tuesday morning. Now his phone is ringing off the hook, with people who want to thank him.

“Whatever I had to do to take him down, I was going to do it,” said Blackmore.

The Marine was ready to do anything it took to stop the attack on a woman near 102nd and Lincoln. He said he spotted Kenneth Harris punching his friend over and over again.

“This man was twice her size, she was defenseless,” he said.

Blackmore jumped out of his car, telling Harris to stop. He pulled out his gun and called 911. You can hear the sound of urgency in his voice as he talked to the 911 operator.

Seconds earlier he made it clear he had a concealed carry permit.

“Do you have it pointed at him?” the 911 operator asked.

Yes, I do,” Blackmore responded. “Keep down on the ground don't come near me.”

West Allis Police arrested Harris at the scene, and the woman was treated for broken bones in her face. Blackmore said his phone has been ringing off the hook with words of support including a call from Sheriff David Clarke.

“He commended me on what I did,” Blackmore said. “He reiterated the fact that this is what he was talking about, this is what he means by responsible gun ownership.”

Blackmore said he believed the threat of being shot was the only thing that would have stopped Harris. He said he could tell after making eye contact.

“Looking into his eyes, I knew there was going to be a confrontation,” Blackmore continued. “I knew he was coming for me.”


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