Huge fight inside high school hallway caught on tape


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Huge fight inside high school hallway caught on tape

By Keller Russell. CREATED Mar 8, 2013

MILWAUKEE - A huge fight in a high school hallway caught on tape.

Tonight an angry mother claims her daughter is the victim of bullying.

That mom wants to know how this fight was allowed to unfold and carry on. She's also questioning why the school district isn't doing more to prevent it from happening again.

"Look at all of them. Do you see all of them on her like that?" Jennifer Davis in disgust watching cell phone video of fists flying inside James Madison Academic Campus.

"That looks like something that was just out of control. So where was the adults when this was going on?"

In the video, Jennifer's sophomore daughter, Tatiana, is seen fighting off what she says was 7 girls.

And, she tells me it lasted for several minutes.

"I was in class. Someone came in to tell me this girl wanted me or whatever so I come out.  She like ran up on me, like trying to fight me. So I go up to I swing, cause I'm not going to let her hit me," explained Tatiana.

She believes the instigator was bent out of shape over an ex boyfriend.

"Out of nowhere I see all these other girls just attacking me. So I get to swinging on them..."

Tatiana and her mother tell us she had to defend herself.

She says a school resource officer eventually broke up the fight. Jennifer wants to know why the girls who attacked her daughter don't face stiffer consequences.

"How did they only get two day suspension? No police was called. No tickets were given out. Why, was the punishment only two days when somebody's child could have been seriously injured?"

We took the video to the MPS District Office, but a spokesman wouldn't meet us to look at it.

In an emailed statement late friday a spokesman said: "Both the district and the school take bullying very seriously and we do not tolerate it. We have policies in place to prevent it and we act immediately when it is reported."

The district tells us the school does not have a record of the parent reporting the incident to administration.

Jennifer Davis disputes that, telling TODAY'S TMJ4 she visited the school looking for answers and to file a police report but no one would help her.

The district says it will contact Davis and investigate.