Man who turned his mother in for murder speaks about years of abuse and his sister's death


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Man who turned his mother in for murder speaks about years of abuse and his sister's death

By Charles Benson. CREATED Feb 25, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Jim Klokow told police his mother killed his baby sister. It got Sheboygan Police to take another look at the case from 55 years ago.

On Monday Ruby Klokow was in court to plea no contest to killing the seven-month old. Klokow's son spoke about why he turned in his mother.

Jim Klokow says he did it for his baby sister. For all his life he had been carrying the guilt and pain of being blamed for her death but not anymore. Now he wants justice.

"I think she deserves to go to prison," said Klokow

Jim wasn't even two years old when his baby sister Jeaneen died. Her baby picture hangs prominently in his Sheboygan apartment.

Benson: When you see that picture, who do you see?

"I see a sister I wanted to cherish," he answered. "I have a sister I wanted to love, to grow up with, protect."

He did end up protecting her, five decades later.

Police originally believed the mother in 1957 who said the baby fell off a couch.

But in 2008 Klokow shared a family secret with police that suggested Ruby Klokow threw Jeaneen across the room and the child died when she hit a coffee table.

Benson: Did you think anyone was going to believe your story?

"I was afraid," he said. "When I talked to the first detective I was afraid they weren't going to believe me."

Klokow is married now but says years of abuse from his mom left him with brain damage and blindness in one eye. He gets emotional when he hears about other child abuse cases.

"There's no reason for it," he said. "I want to raise money in my sister's name to stop this child abuse."

Klokow hasn't talked to his mom in years but he does plan to say something to her when she is sentenced in April.

"Now, do I forgive my mom? Yes," said Klokow. "But will I forget it? No."

Klokow credits Sheboygan police and the detectives for believing his story.


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