Haudricourt: Braun's attorneys should show proof of Bosch as consultant

Haudricourt: Braun's attorneys should show proof of Bosch as consultant

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Feb 6, 2013

MILWAUKEE - The Brewers' top slugger, Ryan Braun, again has his name connected to a performance-enhancing drugs scandal.

Journal Sentinel beat writer and Brewers 360 contributor Tom Haudricourt says Braun's attorneys should prove that his only relationship with Tony Bosch, of the company Biogenesis, was that of a consultant.

"Ryan Braun's explanation was that this was money (reportedly $20,000 to $30,000) owed Tony Bosch for consulting for his appeal of his positive drug test that he had overturned last winter.  This should be easily provable by Braun's attorneys," said Haudricourt on Newsradio 620 WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News." 

"They should have correspondence with Bosch, hiring him as a consultant, paying him as a consultant.  They should have their own records, so this is a good time for them to come forward and back their client...They should back it up with their proof and be done with it."

According to multiple reports, no PED's were listed next to Braun's name on documents Bosch apparently kept.

Haudricourt says Braun's attorneys "did him no favors by getting his name in that ledger, even if it was something as innocent as hiring the guy as a consultant.  That's not a ledger you want your name on, even if you were borrowing a stamp."

Major League Baseball is investigating Braun's connections, and that of a number of other MLB players, to the company and its alleged distribution of performance-enhancing drugs.

"The MLB investigation had begun on the clinic as soon as the first story broke," said Haudricourt. 

"MLB investigators went down.  They're trying to get all the documents from the (Miami New Times).  It's my understanding that they have confidence that they will.  MLB will do a thorough investigation of that clinic, of every name who are in the ledgers.  The federal government is interested in this as well.  They've pursued high-profile baseball players in the past, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.  If laws are being broken beyond baseball regulations, the federal government shows interest as well."

Braun attended the University of Miami, where Biogenesis is based. 

"MLB is very interested in that University of Miami connection, particularly as it pertains to the strength and conditioning coach for the Miami baseball team.  He has denied any link to Bosch or PED's.  I'm sure MLB has him on their list of people to talk to," explained Haudricourt.

"There are a lot of names connected to the University of Miami program.  I'm sure the people at the University of Miami are nervous about this, too."

Haudricourt also explained how this could cast more scrutiny on Braun's alleged PED use that led to a suspension which was lifted before the 2012 season, and the denial of that use.

"All athletes have lost the benefit of the doubt," said Haudricourt in the wake of recent lies connected to Lance Armstrong, the Manti T'eo girlfriend situation and a number of other scandals.