Ann Wilson rejected in bid for Fire and Police Commission spot

Ann Wilson, a Fire and Police Commission nominee, speaks at a town-hall meeting at Martin Luther King Library. Image by Rick Wood

Ann Wilson rejected in bid for Fire and Police Commission spot

By Jon Byman. CREATED Feb 5, 2013 - UPDATED: Feb 5, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Amid questions about the management of the Milwaukee Police Department, the Milwaukee Common Council has rejected Mayor Barrett's nomination of a new member to the board that oversees the department. 

Seven aldermen voted in favor of Ann Wilson's nomination.  Two voted against it. 

Five abstained and one was excused.

Wilson needed eight votes in order to be placed on the Fire and Police Commission. 

There have been complaints about the community's role in management of the Police Department. 

The department has had a number of high profile incidents that have cost it credibility with the community.

In one incident recently, the chief tried to fire an officer, only to have the commission change the firing to a suspension.

Then days later, the commission reversed its own decision in the face of public pressure and re-fired the officer.

"Obviously I’m a little disappointed with the council’s decision," said executive director of the Fire and Police Commission, Mike Tobin. "I've known her for a long time, I know she is a a full capable person and she really cares about Milwaukee. Ann Wilson would make a fine commissioner."