27-year-old domestic violence victim was up-and-coming poet

Milwaukee poet Anita Brooks was killed Sunday in the 3400 block of W. Highland Blvd. Her husband has been arrested on suspicion of homicide.

27-year-old domestic violence victim was up-and-coming poet

By Jaclyn Brandt. CREATED Jan 30, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Anita Brooks died on Sunday after being shot, allegedly by her husband. But many in Milwaukee remember Brooks as a talented young poet.

"Honestly, I feel like she was like (Michael) Jordan in her first year," fellow poet Mario Willis told James Causey with the Journal Sentinel. "She had all the potential in the world. She had the look and the delivery. She even inspired me to write when I was slacking for a while."

The 27-year-old had been married to Keith Brooks, 28, since 2007 and have a 2-year-old daughter. The death brings to light the numerous other domestic violence deaths in the area in the past few months.

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