Bat found and released before Monday's Marquette game

Bat found and released before Monday's Marquette game

By Keller Russell. CREATED Jan 28, 2013

MILWAUKEE - It's the story, and the video, that's gone worldwide.

A bat was swooping around the BMO Harris Bradley Center during Saturday's Marquette game, causing chaos and delays. But Monday night, the Golden Eagles were the only ones flying.

BMO Harris Bradley Center employees put the full court press on to get the bat out before Monday night's game. After several mid-day bat sightings with no luck, they got creative. And late in the afternoon, the bat flew free out of these East Atrium doors.

You felt bad for the players because it just kept swooping in on them.

It became the talk of the town; the bat that highjacked Marquette's Saturday basketball game. Season ticket holder Lois Seefeldt watched the chaos in awe.

“It was a little bit funny at first but then it was annoying after a while,” she said. “Just wanted the game to go on.”

Luckily, just hours before Monday's game, the BMO Harris Bradley Center staff were able to catch the uninvited guest.

We re-created game conditions, turned sport lights on, turned up sound system, made a lot of noise, and sure enough, it stirred up the bat.

Director of Operations Greg Peterson and a fellow employee knocked the bat down, covered it with a jacket and set it free outside the atrium doors. Seefeldt cheered when she heard the news.

“It probably would have showed back up tonight had they not found it,” she said. “Well, it put us on the map.”

Others hope to extend the attention.

“That was my cousin so im pretty upset that he's gone, but the family will find him soon,” said Marquette senior Joe Godziszewski.

Godziszewski used saturday's saga to have a little fun, swapping his blue and gold swag for a mask and cape.

“I’m secretly Batman ever other day on campus,” he said. “No I was actually Batman this year for Halloween so it worked out.”