49ers Colin Kaepernick's family ties in New London


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49ers Colin Kaepernick's family ties in New London

By Heather Burke. CREATED Jan 10, 2013

NEW LONDON - One Northeast Wisconsin family won't be cheering for the green and gold on Saturday. 

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was born in Milwaukee, and his extended family lives in New London. They hope the next time he visits Wisconsin, it'll be with a play-off win under his belt. 

"There's no struggle. Not for the Kaepernicks. We cheer for Colin," said Kasey Kaepernick, who's Colin's cousin. "We cheer for the 49ers because it's family first. As my dad always says, there's no Kaepernick on the back of Green Bay jerseys."

Kaepernick's family tells us ever since he was a little boy former Packers quarterback Brett Farve was his hero. Since then, Colin's goal was to be a quarterback for one of two teams--the Packers or the 49ers. 

"It would be nice if he would've been picked up by the Packers because we're all here. He's got a lot of family here," said Cherie Kaepernick, who's Colin's grandma.

The playoff game may not be until Saturday, but back at Kasey's house Colin is already the winner.

"I want Colin to do well. You always want to see your family succeed," said Kasey.

The Kaepernicks tell us they will only become die-hard Packers fans if Colin is recruited to the team.