Milwaukee County battles ice in wake of winter storm

Milwaukee County battles ice in wake of winter storm

By Keller Russell. CREATED Dec 21, 2012

GLENDALE - Snow piled up west of Milwaukee. But closer to the lake, it's been a battle against ice.

If you weren't able to plow or shovel Thursday night, the slush that piled up turned into a major headache Friday morning after it froze.

As a result, homeowners were in the hunt for any help they could find to ease the burden of clean-up.

"By the time I got out early this morning it was already frozen here."

A combination of rain, water-saturated snow, and below freezing temps made for an ugly, icy morning in Jeff Bohacek's  driveway.

"First thing I was really worried about was him (his son) slipping on his way to school."

The weather caused Jeff's power to go out and, in turn, forced him to push back shoveling nearly 24 hours.

And he's not alone.

In Mequon, Jerry Panella spent the afternoon chipping a thick layer of ice from his driveway. He wanted to attack it sooner but an early morning shift at work didn't allow for it.

"In the meantime, there was traffic on my driveway and it builds up and it's kind of a pain after that," said Panella.

The frozen mess made for a busy day at Ace Hardware in Glendale where shoppers sought out salt and de-icers.

"If you don't get after it today it's going to get colder tonight and tomorrow and it's really going to get ugly," said store manager, Scott Ponfil.

Ponfil said rock salt is most economical if you have a big area to cover. But, it stops working when temps hit between 5 and 10 degrees.

If you want a quicker melt, Ponfil recommends calcium chloride.

"It goes farther, it melts quicker, and is less damaging to concrete and to your grass."

Back at Jeff Bohacek's home, Bohacek accepts he may be in for a long, slippery winter.

"I have a feeling im going to be stuck with this one for a while."