Which possible playoff opponents should scare Packers the most?

Which possible playoff opponents should scare Packers the most?

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Dec 18, 2012

GREEN BAY - We now know the Green Bay Packers are headed to the 2012 NFC playoffs.

As has been proved time and time again, success in the postseason can be most defined by two things:
1) Which team is hottest entering the playoffs.  (Read: Green Bay Packers in 2010, N.Y. Giants in 2011)
2) Matchups - what teams you're best suited to beat, and the teams best suited to defeat you.

Which teams should scare the Packers the most among potential NFC opponents?

Check them out, in order of scariness:

1) New York Giants - They have won their last two meetings by a 75-30 combined score, and the Giants' front lines have dominated their Green Bay counterparts in the last three contests.

2) San Francisco 49ers - They owned Green Bay in a season opening game that was not as close as the one-score margin, and they have a more versatile quarterback in Colin Kaepernick.

3a) Seattle Seahawks - Their defense dominated Aaron Rodgers and company in their controversial win in September.  Their offense in December is insanely hot, scoring 50+ points in their last two games.

3b) Atlanta Falcons - They are the NFC's No. 1 seed, peaking at the right time.  Though the Packers' speedy offense could give them help indoors, the Falcons are not the same team that Green Bay blew out in 2010.

5) Minnesota Vikings - Adrian Peterson is the best back this side of Walter Payton, and if they face the Vikings in the wildcard round, it would be two meetings in seven or eight days, a dangerous proposition.

6) Washington Redskins - Much of their potential danger has to do with the fact that Robert Griffin III is the most versatile quarterback in football.  But will he be healthy?

7) Chicago Bears - Familiarity breeds close games, as has been proven in the series over recent years, but the Packers have won six straight between these rivals.

8) Dallas Cowboys - Tony Romo at quarterback.  Need I say more?