Waukesha remembers Newtown victims


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Waukesha remembers Newtown victims

By Todd Hicks and The WTMJ News Team. CREATED Dec 16, 2012

WAUKESHA - Worshippers in Waukesha are praying for victim of the Sandy Hook massacre.

"The only thing we can do is just cry with them, but Father you're able to touch their hearts."

This is an emotional service to lead for Todd Pope.

The pastor of Waukesha First Assembly tells TODAY'S TMJ4 his members are grieving for the victims and their families in Connecticut.

"I cannot comprehend what those families are going through this morning," Pastor Pope says.

It's the same question on Mary Manning's mind.

"[I] just can't imagine what those families are feeling," Manning says. "Whether you have kids or not you feel it, you feel it deep down."

Manning's husband Conor is the church's youth pastor. He says it's natural to wonder how something so evil could happen.

"Being able to share that with other people and maybe gain some wisdom or insight from others, theres always a great value in that," Manning says.

They're looking for any good they can find from this American tragedy.

"Hopefully this will inspire us to do better things, to do good things and to stay connected with our community," Pastor Pope says.

The church held two special prayer services Sunday to remember the victims in Connecticut.