Journal Sentinel explains decision to stop endorsements

Journal Sentinel explains decision to stop endorsements

By Jon Byman. CREATED Oct 26, 2012

MILWAUKEE - It's like the sun rising in the east every morning, newspapers just always have endorsed candidates.  Not anymore when it comes to the largest newspaper in Wisconsin.

The Journal Sentinel is announcing online today that it will no longer endorse candidates as a matter of course before an election.  Click Here to read the explaination from David Haynes in the Journal Sentinel.

"I think it's going to be quite rare that we endorse going forward," Editorial page Editor David Haynes told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Gene Mueller.

Haynes says they're not trying to play it safe.  He just doesn't think endorsements fit his goal for the future of the page.  He wants the editorial page to be a place to discuss issues.

"I think there's a real difference between doing an endorsement editorial and doing an editorial about issues," Haynes said.

"We can write an editorial on a topic like voter ID and come back to it over and over again.  Each time we get a little better at it, we get more refined, we do more reporting and we add a little more context and depth."  In contrast, an endorsement, Haynes points out, is one and done.

And Haynes says they will still take on the issues.  "If it was about courage, I don't think we would have taken on 1 million citizens in Wisconsin when we said during the recall election that we didn't they they were right, that we thought the recall was an overreaction."