Friend of Brookfield shooting victim heartbroken

Friend of Brookfield shooting victim heartbroken

By Charles Benson. CREATED Oct 22, 2012

BROOKFIELD- A friend of one of the victims in the Brookfield shooting is heartbroken over the tragedy.

More than 100 people attended a private memorial service in Oconomowoc for Maelyn Lind.

Deb Kohler says Maelyn Lind wasn't just her hairdresser, but her friend.

"She died way too young," says Kohler.  "She was funny. She loved her family, she loved her kids."

Maelyn was the mother of four.  Two months ago, she became a grandmother.

Kohler has the baby gift she was going to give Maelyn on Sunday, as they were supposed to get together that afternoon.

"I texted her as normal: 'Are we on for today?' and she didn't return my text, which was something very odd," explains Kohler.

Odd quickly turned to worry when she heard about the shooting at Azana Spa and Salon.  Then Kohler encountered her own horror after seeing a picture of the shooter, Radcliffe Haughton, someone she met years ago when he worked in the auto business.

"To have shaken the hand of somebody that used that hand to kill a friend is just something I'm going to have to pray a lot to figure out why," says Kohler.

Kohler is left wondering why someone would take the life of a woman who had so much more to give.

"There are so many people that loved her that did not get to say goodbye to her and that is the tragedy of all of this," says Kohler.  "Her kids are young and they need their mom."
Friends say Lind made a frantic call from inside the Azana Salon and left a message on her husband's cell phone that there was trouble inside.  He would later hear that chilling message.
Friends are talking about setting up a fund for the family.  Funeral arrangements are pending.

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