Doping scandal costs Lance Armstrong sponsorship deal with Trek Bicycle Corp.

Doping scandal costs Lance Armstrong sponsorship deal with Trek Bicycle Corp.

By Jesse Ritka. CREATED Oct 17, 2012

WATERLOO- A doping scandal stripped Lance Armstrong of his titles and banned him from cycling for life.  Waterloo-based Trek Bicycle Corp. is one of several major companies to switch gears in their sponsorship of the star.

"This is the helmet he wore when he won his first tour," Carl Carstens explains to TODAY'S TMJ4's Jesse Ritka.  Carstens not only has the same helmet Armstrong did, he bought same Wisconsin brand bike.  "I got my Trek bike probably 9 or 10 years ago."

That was right in the middle of Armstrong's peak performance.  But now Armstrong's been stripped of his titles and now has lost Nike, Anheuser-Busch and Trek as sponsors in addition to him stepping down from his role with the Livestrong Foundation.

"It looks like this is only going one way, innocent til proven guilty, he's got a lot going against him," says Carstens.

Armstrong helped make Trek bicycles famous all over the world.  He visited Wisconsin in 2008 and took part in the Trek 100, a charity ride for the MACC Fund.  "Good luck be safe and just keep in mind every pedal stroke why you are here," Armstrong said.

But on Wednesday the Waterloo-based company severed ties with him.

"If I was supporting Lance, I gave him a lot of money, I'd really have to look at what's best for our business," says Carstens.

Even without Armstrong's sponsorship, many in Wisconsin feel the Trek brand can stand on it's own.  "This is Trek country," Wheels and Sprockets Chief Operations Officer Liza LeClaire says.

"They're going to ride Trek bicycles because they know it's a quality bike, it's a Wisconsin brand, we have a lot of support from that perspective," LeClaire states.  Support they hope will continue without Lance Armstrong.

Jesse Ritka

Jesse Ritka

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